Hello everyone and welcome to my vegan food blog Avomaniac!



Celebrating vegan, healthy and delicious food: That´s what this blog is all about. I always loved cooking and especially eating and since going (mostly) vegan my passion for food has just grown further. Most of the recipes that I share originate from experiments in my own kitchen and all of them are vegan. My goal is not to convert anyone to becoming a vegan. I just want to show how easy and delicious plant-based and vegan cooking can be – any recipe can be extended by adding some non-vegan stuff, but you´ll see: they´re bursting of flavor on their own! My credo is that first and foremost, food should taste good and give you the best nutrition possible and this is what every single one of my recipes focuses on.

And on the name of the blog Avomaniac: I guess some of you wily foxes already figured it out: the name is a combination of avocado and maniac, which means… I just love avocado. I try to sneak them into every recipe when possible (yes, also for the sweet stuff, see my Strawberry Almond Cream Cake recipe).


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My name is Laura and I live in south-western Germany. I´m a 22-year-old biomedical sciences student with a passion for delicious and healthy food. During a six-month stay in the US for my studies in 2016 I discovered the vegan diet as my new dedication. Since then I call myself a dietary vegan. I found that discarding animal products from my diet and eating mostly plant-based food just makes me deal with my nutrition more, it makes me feel better and cooking is so much more fun! 99% of the time I eat strictly vegan, then, once in a while I indulge in having some seafood (sushi without salmon?!) or some Ben & Jerry´s ice cream 😉


MORE ABOUT ME (some random facts)

  • As you might already have noticed, if I had to choose one favorite food in the world it would definitely be avocado. But there are some other things I really like as well such as: peaches, blueberries, almonds in all possible forms (raw, roasted, almond butter… Give me that giant spoon!), cauliflower (because you can make EVERYTHING from it, sure enough), sweet potatos, black pepper (I use ridiculous amounts) and many, many more…
  • My guilty pleasure is my really sweet tooth! I celebrate my afternoon coffee every day (if possible) and what would it be without a little nasty treat to indulge in…
  • I love to cook with and for other people – especially non-vegans – and see how surprised they are that “vegan food can be so good” (Literally, this statement is a cheek, but I´m still always thrilled by it :))
  • Actually, I don´t like recipes. Really. I think cooking and taste is actually a very personal thing, so instead of sticking strictly to a recipe one should improvise more and listen to the own taste buds. Most of my recipes just arise from throwing things together that I like, see how it turns out and then I optimize the “recipe”. What I want to say: Feel free to modify my recipes and make them your own favorite dishes!


I hope this blog will give you some new inspiration for your own kitchen and that you´ll like my recipes as much as I do!

Thank you for reading and… Guten Appetit! (this is German for “Enjoy your meal!”)